artist/scholar, educator, writer
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“I want to tell you that I felt really inspired by your feedback. I really feel like I learned how to be a better writer from your comments and how specific they were. Thank you so much!”

Participant, Emerging Dance Critics Programme 2015/16; A partnership between The Dance Current and The National Ballet of Canada

"Megan's ability to guide her students through their own research interests and experiences is what made her such an effective supervisor at the graduate level. She pushed and challenged  me to think about my research focus  in different ways, all the while making me feel like my own experiences with the topic {and  my voice) were valued. …

As a student who is  also an educator, I have really appreciated working with someone who exemplifies what it  means to be a good teacher and mentor. Megan brings a unique balance of discipline and creativity in applying  processes that promote successful results".

Graduate Student in Dance, York University; Directed Reading

 "I took Megan's course in Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) during the winter semester of 2016. The course focused on the challenge of understanding, utilizing, and embodying basic concepts of LMA work. Professor Andrews introduced a difficult taxonomy (one which straddles the theory/practice divide) with exceptionally clear and thorough instruction."

Graduate Student in Dance, York University; Course in Methods for Movement Observation

"Megan took the time to fully grasp my interests and understand my field. Her guidance was invaluable, not only facilitating the research, but also in formulating methodology, theory, and writing strategies. …

She was detailed and clear in all of her communications. Her criticisms of the work were thorough, applicable, and (as a burgeoning scholar) intellectually exciting."

Graduate Student in Dance, York University; Directed Reading